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Re: XServer of choice

On Mon, Apr 16, 2001 at 11:58:07PM -0700, Clark Martin wrote:
> This is my third try at installing Debian on a Quadra and I've gotten back
> to where I was on my first try.  I've gotten XEverything installed except
> an XServer.  The XFree86 mentions that there are "several" to choose from,
> looking through dselect I found about three.  My question is what is a good
> choice for a basic XServer?
There is just one xserver for m68k, xserver-fbdev. (In fact there might be
some others, but they are, as I understnad, just dummy drivers, drivers to
test X functionality, but nothing you would want to work with as a user).

As for the other question wrt X4.0, browse my potato (or woody?) page,
somewhere there should be a link to the X4.0 status last time I looked at
it. As Branden said, you need to use xserver-fbdev from potato , as the new
one from X4.0 crashes on m68k. But with his new Mac, Branden might be able
to improve my patches to make it work in the long run.
I can not look up the link now as I only have access to a crappy sun, where
the only webbrowser is "webbrowser" (hotjava?) which does not really allow me
to look at many webpages. I am happy that I can use ssh...


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