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Re: XServer of choice

On Tue, Apr 17, 2001 at 09:46:12AM -0500, Christian T. Steigies wrote:
> As for the other question wrt X4.0, browse my potato (or woody?) page,
> somewhere there should be a link to the X4.0 status last time I looked at
> it. As Branden said, you need to use xserver-fbdev from potato , as the new
> one from X4.0 crashes on m68k. But with his new Mac, Branden might be able
> to improve my patches to make it work in the long run.
> I can not look up the link now as I only have access to a crappy sun, where
> the only webbrowser is "webbrowser" (hotjava?) which does not really allow me
> to look at many webpages. I am happy that I can use ssh...

Ah, Christian, you're alive again.

Actually, 4.0.3 doesn't even build on m68k.  My build crashed after 26
hours with linking errors in libXfont.a, of all things.  At first glance
it's a real puzzler for me.

Can you look at the build log and offer any advice?  Please also note that
I had to revert one of your patches, but it was to the xf86loader code, and
I don't see how it could possibly affect libXfont static linkage.

My guess is that upstream did something to break it, probably adding an

#if defined(arch1) || defined(arch2) || ...

Where they enumerate every architecture in the world except m68k.  :-P

The build log is at:


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