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Re: PB190 not supported yet?

	I've been playing around with my PB190 and debian for a few months now,
without any real success. I have had varying levels of success with
various kernels, however you seem to have got to around the same level as
me. Te error you mention I found with (generally) early 2.2 and some 2.3
kernels. Find below the main thread of my previous messages to the list.
Unfortunately PowerBooks seem to be particularly funny wrt hardware and
the kernel.

	I would like to get this PowerBook running, unfortunately I am not that
sure what I am doing wrt using Linux properly yet, let alone re-compiling
the kernel. I'll leave that to the rest of the list until I have another
68k machine available and am happier using Linux generally. I consider
myself technically minded wrt computers, however I am not a programmer at
all and find this stage of things slightly disconcerting. I'll have to
start reading some books and faq's before I plunge headfirst in.

	If you manage to get it going at all better than I get can you please
inform me and send me a copy (or link to) the setup you are using. Hope
you have better *luck* than me.



'Hi All,
'	Thanks to all who responded. Have decided to have a few more goes before
'falling back with defeat :-)
'Downloaded no end of kernels yesterday whilst at work. Results so far
'2.2 series kernels have a heart attack when hitting the IDE or ADB bus
'2.3 series (generally) kernels are fine through the ADB, recognise the
'keyboard, trackpad etc, however... fall over when they hit the IDE
'2.4.0-011500.gz  falls over when it hits the IDE.
'2.3.39-20000124jmt.gz falls over when it gets to the IDE.
' (my previous 'king of kernels') as mentioned in the
'previous post gets lost in a loop.
'2.3.18-19990919jmt.gz (my new 'king') does this...
'Detects the IDE, ADB, SCSI, etc, etc, fine does great, however like the
'previous one does..
'Lots of kernel text above...
'VFS: Mounted root (ext2 filesystem) readonly.
'Kernel panic: No init found. Try passing init= option to kernel.
'And it stops there. I can type (so the keyboard is working fine)
'I kinda understand that I have to insert a path to the 'init' however I
'have no idea what this means. I presume I have to type init=/dev/   etc,
'etc in the penguin,  but  I don't know what the 'init' is.
'Any help/insight into the 'init' greatly appreciated.


'It's asking for the path to the init program (the first program that's
'started on most (all?) Unices. The path should be /sbin/init (it is on
'my i386 Debian box), so if you pass it the argument init=/sbin/init via
'Penguin, it should work. Usually you don't have to specify this, so I
'doubt this solves it, but I hope it does.
'Hope this helps, Erik.

Unfortunately Eric was completely correct. The init= argument didn't work
at all.

The kernel that worked best was from the ftp.mac.linux-m68k.org ftp site.
Kernels -> JMT


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