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PB190 not supported yet?

maybe things below is the something
is telling me about the
non-fpu-mac machines?


trying to install debian to
my PowerBook190(B/W)
via macOS7.5.3

prepared the partition (still hfs though)

and extracted



put base2_2.tgz

into it

doubleclicked Penguin-18

and chose linux(as kernel) and root.bin(as ram)

tried to boot the install-process

but things get hang up at the message

"ide0:Macintosh Powerbook IDE interface"

when getting into the penguin prompt
while 3-4 lines 
it's black background and white test
but it turns into gray screen with distorted penguin
can read the message
making footprints at the message menstioned above

the log thing outputted (as txt-file) is as follows

PB190 is not supported?

thanx in advance for any info


Logging started Monday, March 5, 2001 15:57:54
Penguin App version 18

Logical To Physical Mapping table (V2)
Logical -> physical : length
0x00000000 -> 0x00000000 : 0x01000000

System: 7.5.3
Gestalt ID: 85 (PowerBook 190)
CPU: 68040
FPU: none
Physical RAM: 16 MB
Command line is ''
GUnzipping maclinux:mac:linux
.Kernel format: ELF

The kernel will be located at physical 0x00001000
Kernel at logical address 0x9c0240
GUnzipping maclinux:mac:linux
..................Read 1185368 bytes for segment 0, requested 1185368
.Read 76544 bytes for segment 1, requested 76544

Bootstrap's bootinfo version: 2.0
Kernel's bootinfo version	: 2.0
Kernel entry physical is 0x2000
RAM disk at 0x00b22240, ends at 0x00bf7e40, size is 855 K
Kernel segment 0 at 0x9c0240, size 1369344
Kernel segment 1 at 0xb0e740, size 76544
Kernel size is 0x161000

boot_info is at 0xb21240
boot_info size is dynamic

ramdisk logical target 0xf2a400
ramdisk physical at 0xf2a400
ramdisk physical top at 0x1000000

Bootstrap logical 1: 0x00000000
Bootstrap physical : 0x00000000

Dump of bootinfo, version 2.0:
BI_MACHTYPE           = 0x3
BI_CPUTYPE            = 0x4
BI_FPUTYPE            = 0x0
BI_MMUTYPE            = 0x4
BI_MEMCHUNK[0].addr   = 0x00000000
BI_MEMCHUNK[0].size   = 0x01000000
BI_RAMDISK.addr       = 0x00f2a400
BI_RAMDISK.size       = 0x000d5c00
BI_MAC_MODEL          = 0x55
BI_MAC_VADDR          = 0x60000000
BI_MAC_VDEPTH         = 0x4
BI_MAC_VROW           = 0x140
BI_MAC_VDIM           = 0x01e00280
BI_MAC_VLOGICAL       = 0x60000000
BI_MAC_SCCBASE        = 0x50f04000
BI_MAC_BTIME          = 0x3aa3b783
BI_MAC_GMTBIAS        = 0x21c
BI_MAC_MEMSIZE        = 0x10
BI_MAC_CPUID          = 0x2
BI_MAC_ROMBASE        = 0x40000000

Booting Linux (fasten seat belts, please)...
slot_int_set: slot 0x00, drvr_refnum -50, spID 0xA5, spExtDev 0x00, ON 0

Logging ended Monday, March 5, 2001 15:58:06

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