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Re: PB190 not supported yet?

Hi, Dan

i wonder where you found those several kernels
(am not very good at surfin on the www&ftp)

anyway ... about the PB190 thing again..

> 	If you manage to get it going at all better than I get can you please
> inform me and send me a copy (or link to) the setup you are using. Hope
> you have better *luck* than me.

maybe that luck is still somewhere in the air
i turned wanton and also tried to install netbsd
but the ata aspect of PB190's HDD got refused by the 
installin system
and a person on their m-list
told me
that ata ain't supported yet ( = under development)

what should i do with the 2 empty partition
pdisked 4 the unix oriented OS..

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