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Re: Installing over Ethernet on Mac Quadra 660av

Not really sure what's going on with your situation,
but I just did an internet install on a centris 610.
Is your ethernet working on the mac side? I didn't
have to do anything special to get ethernet on linux
besides turning off appletalk. Did you make sure
appletalk is turned off before booting penguin? And
set your monitor to 256 colors if you want to use X.

--- Josh Kuperman <josh@saratoga.lib.ny.us> wrote:
> I have been trying to install on a Mac Quadra 660av.
> I can't seem to
> find the right driver to install to take advantage
> of the ethernet
> connection. There isn't one clearly labelled and I
> have a dsl
> connection.
> I previously tried to make a copy of the ISO image
> of a CD but it
> behaves strangely. So I followed the various
> instructions in the FAQ
> etc. and started up an install with the idea of
> installing of the
> Internet since I have a full time connection. But
> the installer is not
> cooperating.
> I did pick a bunch of networking modules and
> installed them so I could
> put in my IP and Name SErver etc. But the ethernet
> port still isn't
> being recognized.
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> Josh Kuperman                       
> josh@saratoga.lib.ny.us
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