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Re: kernel-image 2.2.16 (mac)

On Sat, Oct 14, 2000 at 04:37:49PM +0100, Mark Scott wrote:
> Tried this again remembering to amend the vmlinuz link to point to the new
> kernel.
> On restart, after amending Penguin17 to use the new kernel, the start
> proceeds normally until the swap sppace is enabled and then the existing
> filesystem is corrupted.  However managed to recover the situation as I has
> remembered to get the offset for the superblocks.
> Has any one experienced the same thing ?

no, seems like 2.2.16 is a really a very bad one for the m68k :-(
It could be that some change in the mainstream kernel exposed some
of our cache coherency problems again.
Whatever it is, don't use it for production purposes.


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