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Re: 68040 buserror patch

> > Possibly it is something with 2.2.16? I have tried 2.2.17 which exhibits
> > the classical 68040 fork problem, so I have not really tested anything newer
> > than 2.2.10 in the 2.2 branch.
> > 
> > Could you test the patch with your previous stable kernel? Or 2.2.16
> > without this patch?
> > 
> If the 2.2.16 discussed here is from the Mac CVS 2.2.16 I don't think it
> has a problem with 68040 based systems.  I have been running it on my
> Quadra 950 since early August with absolutely no problems.

 It has been running on my 3000/040 for a few weeks with no problems on
 either RedHat or Debian. 2.2.16+berr-patch seems to work nicely as well,
 I didn't experience any lock-ups or similar.

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