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Re: 68040 buserror patch

Hi all,

On   6 Oct, this message from Andrew McPherson echoed through cyberspace:
>> The patch applies with minimal intervention to 2.2.16 from mac68k CVS
>> and it seems to work (for me at least :). Would somebody with write
>> access to CVS please commit it?
> OK, I applied the patch and it seems to work. ypbind runs now. :) I put up
> a kernel at ftp://macduff.dhs.org/pub/cvs/vmlinux-2.2.16-100500.gz. I'll
> commit the patch to CVS shortly.

Though your kernel does run, it locks up on my Performa 475 after some
time (of inactivity?).

I've had it lock up with the console blanked and no panic locked three
time now, always between 20 and 40 minutes of uptime (a single -mark- in
the syslog). There was nothing running on the box at that time.

This afternoon, I got it running past 40 minutes uptime, while working
on it, and now that I've let it idle for a few hours, it's locked up

Next week I'll get the kernel sources and try compiling some kernels
myself, and maybe attaching a serial console (serial console does work,



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