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68040 buserror patch

Hello list,

the attached patch (by Richard Zidlicky, against 2.2.6) adresses a
problem in the 68040 buserror handler that breaks nearly every program
linked against libpthread, e.g. xntp, nscd, ypbind, python (which in
turn breaks Debians reportbug) on any 68040 machine, be it Mac or 
not. There has been some discussion about this on debian-68k and, as I was
told, also on linux-m68k.

The patch applies with minimal intervention to 2.2.16 from mac68k CVS
and it seems to work (for me at least :). Would somebody with write
access to CVS please commit it?


Bj"orn Brill <brill@fs.math.uni-frankfurt.de>
Frankfurt am Main, Germany


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