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Potato install problems

 After running RedHat/m68k for a long time, I've finally decided to give
 Debian a try. I had quite a few problems with the installation (may post
 about this in a few days), but the most urgent issue right now is that I
 can't compile a kernel.

 Compile dies in arch/m68k/fpsp040:
 bindec.S: Assembler messages:
 bindec.S:487:Error: Value of -512 too large for field of 1bytes at 511

 I couldn't find this in the debian list archives or my personal, incomplete
 linux-m68k archive [the official archive at aire.ncl.uk is currently (?)
 unavailable]. Kernel 2.2.10 is indeed running on the RedHat side, so I
 know it can be done :)

 A3000/040, Debian 2.2r0, kernel 2.2.10 sources from cd, configured for

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