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Re: Potato install problems

Richard Hirst writes:
> Sounds like you havn't applied kernel-patch-...deb or perhaps you
> are not using gcc 2.7.2.  Building the debian kernel normally goes
> something like this:
 Right, I am unfamiliar with this part

>   devel/kernel-patch-2.2.10-m68k_2.2.10-7_all.deb (from dists/woody - ...

 and this. I didn't see that there's a kernel-patch archive.

>   mkdir debian
>   run-parts /usr/src/kernel-patches/m68k/2.2.10/apply
>   cp ../kernel-patches/m68k/2.2.10/config.mvme147 .config
>   make-kpkg --revision 2.2.10-rgh1 --subarch mvme147 --arch_in_name kernel_image
> Rather than make-kpkg at that point you can 'make oldconfig; make dep...'
> etc.


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