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Re: potato ugrade confusion

On Wed, Aug 30, 2000 at 02:13:30AM +0200, Andr? Wayand wrote:
> First of all a warm hi to everyone, I have been using this linux thing for
> about 2 months now playing around and I think you guys have been doing an
> absolutely awesome job. I still get chills down my spine when I see X
> starting up on my old performa 630... I have a little problem, though, and
> I'd appreciate any help. I am completely confused. The kernel image file on
> the potato CD is called linux-kernel-2.0.something mac. Isn't that supposed
> to be a 2.2 kernel? I installed the .deb file, everything went fine,
> however it put the kernel file vmlinuz2.0.something into my /boot
> directory. Doesn't that mean I'm using a 2.0 kernel, whereas I wanted the
> 2.2 kernel? The package also apparently installed a new directory into
> lib/modules/2.0.something, again, why not kernel version 2.2? Finally, when
> I do a uname -r I get kernel version 2.2. I'm completely confused. What do
> I have now? Or does the boot.bin file on my mac partition used to boot into
> linux contain the 2.2 kernel? Any ideas? What I'm trying to do is get those
> modules working, but they all say they're compiled for an older version
> (2.0.something) rather than 2.2.... Any help appreciated.
Its a 2.0 kernel, somehow the 2.2 kernel for mac has never been uploaded, so
its not available as a package on the CDs. Its is part of the boot floppies,
so when you do a fresh install, you will have 2.2 running, you will have 2.2
modules, etc. BTW simply installing the package does not get you running a
new kernel, you (still) have to reboot the machine to use the new kernel.
And when you reboot, you have to tell your bootstrap program to use the new
kernel image (linux, vmlinux, maclinux, whatever you call it). For that
purpose you usually have to copy the kernel to a native (mac) partition, so
that the bootstrap program (penguin) can see it.
Might be worth a detailed discussion in the FAQ... anyway, kernel-images are
already mentioned there. I put them all (including the missing mac 2.2) at:

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