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Re: ypbind on mac 68k

On Fri, Aug 11, 2000 at 03:50:05PM -0400, James Waterhouse wrote:
>     Actually I don't know If I'll have luck anywhere.
>     ypbin uses (atleast it should) the same source on all architecture right?
yup, you can download the source and build the package yourself. Maybe
enable some debug options to trace this down.
> I have not seen this problem (the broadcast problem) on any of the other
> architectures I have (i386, powermac, sparc) so my first guess would be that
> it is a problem with a driver in debian-m68k. But then again, a problem like
> this should have been noticed a long time ago so maybe it is just something
maybe nobody has been using it on m68k? maybe somebody has, but did not dare
to file a bug (an option you still have, the package maintainer should be
able to offer you more help)?
> specific with the machines I have. The problem occurs on the mac LC 630. I'm
> installing on a mac IIci right now so I'll be able to see if it happens there
> or not. Any way I'll take you're advice and visit debian-devel and
> debian-user. The reason I wrote you is that someone said maybe you would
> know. Ofcourse I realise that the info I gave you tell you nothing it just
Well, _I_ don't know everything, I can not not judge for the list, though.
I have never used nis or ybind, had it installed on i386 recently just to
learn a little but it gave many messages in the kernel log, so I removed it
again. I did not have it configured properly, I have no permanent network
connection, I usually have only one pc running at a time, maximum two.
To sum up, I can tell you nothing abput ybind... only the standard
disclaimer, if it does not crash, I suspect a genric problem, not an m68k
problem. You have a different experience, so I'd suggest you compile it
yourself and have a close look at the build log, maybe you notice something.
> says there is a problem. dmesg says nothing though. Any way thanks for the
> help.
If you tell me how to configure it, I might try on amiga, besides that I
don't know how else to help you.
I don't want to kick you out of the list, but honestly, I don't think ybind
is a widely used package on m68k, so youre pretty much on your own here
finding/fixing this bug. Guess how many bugs go unnoticed until an m68k
developer tries to use a package and finds it broken?


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