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Re: ypbind on mac 68k

    Actually I don't know If I'll have luck anywhere.
    ypbin uses (atleast it should) the same source on all architecture right?
I have not seen this problem (the broadcast problem) on any of the other
architectures I have (i386, powermac, sparc) so my first guess would be that
it is a problem with a driver in debian-m68k. But then again, a problem like
this should have been noticed a long time ago so maybe it is just something
specific with the machines I have. The problem occurs on the mac LC 630. I'm
installing on a mac IIci right now so I'll be able to see if it happens there
or not. Any way I'll take you're advice and visit debian-devel and
debian-user. The reason I wrote you is that someone said maybe you would
know. Ofcourse I realise that the info I gave you tell you nothing it just
says there is a problem. dmesg says nothing though. Any way thanks for the


"Christian T. Steigies" wrote:

> On Thu, Aug 10, 2000 at 04:07:59PM -0400, James Waterhouse wrote:
> >     Well that is all I have to say. Is anyone else out there running nis
> > and ypbind and having the same problem?
> Maybe you have more luck if you ask on debian-user or debian-devel?
> Or do you think this problem exists only on m68k, macm68k even?
> Christian

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