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ypbind on mac 68k

Hello all,
    well in my opinion ypbind (or something related to it or hardware
itself) is screwed up. As I said in a previous email, the only way I can
get it to work is by placing it in debug mode and using ypset to set the
nis server (it seg faults if you put a ypserver line in yp.conf and it
fails to find the nis server broadcasting). I wish I knew what was
causing it to fail but I can't seem to find the problem (that I don't
really know how to search for it). If anyone can help then please email
me. As I said previously, every other aspect of my network is ok... I
can access a dns server, I can mount things, I can acess a http server,
infact I installed the distribution across the network. ypbind just
fails to work properly. Even when I set it in debug mode... after a
while ypbind becomes unbound to the nis server and I must kill ypbind
and then start it again (it will not reattach). It seems to do this when
the network gets a bit heavy.
    Well that is all I have to say. Is anyone else out there running nis
and ypbind and having the same problem?


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