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Re: 2.2.10 on Mac IIcx: SCSI doesn't work :-(

On Sat, 12 Aug 2000, Andrew McPherson wrote:

> I've dug up some more info as well. First, a possible kernel bug. Right
> now, init_IRQ calls via_register_interrupt, which in turn calls
> request_irq(IRQ_MAC_NUBUS). That will try to enable the NuBus interrupt.
> However, via_nubus_init never gets called until much later in the startup
> process. The old interrupt code called request_irq(IRQ_MAC_NUBUS) the
> first time someone requested a slot interrupt handler. My Mac kept
> crashing in init_IRQ, so I changed it to that scheme, which seemed to
> work. Now I get farther in the bootup process.

That might explain a few weird things people have seen. For many people
their cards are relatively well-behaved and don't generate an interrupt
that early in the boot process which is probably why it wasn't noticed
sooner (it certainly worked fine the old way for me on all my macs
including a IIfx with two video and two network cards.)

> However, I'm stuck in NuBus slot probing. From the debugging I added, the
> probes go fine so long as there's no card in the slot. On the SE/30, it
> finds something in slot E, and it goes into nubus_add_board. Everything
> works OK until the kmalloc, which is where it crashes. That is, inside
> kmalloc somewhere. It's odd, I would have thought kmalloc was a highly
> stable function.

It could mean there's a problem with the memory mapping on the
SE/30. We've seen it before; changes in the generic m68k code will
randomly break various Macs that have odd memory layouts.

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