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Re: Y2K.

Hello Michael!

You wrote:

>> With "working on the remote machine" I meant e.g. compiling a source ;)
> And why on earth would you need to become root for this? The remote
> machines in question are online all day (unless they are rebooted for
> some reason) with permanent net connectivity. Login via secure shell.
> ('net' := IP wide area network, so yes, they do have an IP address,
> mostly co-hosted in some existing domain).

ok, I understood! This stuff is very new for me. Of course one doesn´t 
have to be root for login in a machine.

I was just wondering how it would work if I would set up one of my Amigas
for you so you could do the work that has to be done for the m68k-group.
The thing is in Germany a private person cannot be online all day.



  Andreas Meyer   

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