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Re: Debian install instructions

Gene Heskett sends Greetings to Christian T.;

>like, just good old fvwm, nobody is interested in that anymore...

AfterStep looked pretty good for a while, being easier to config than
others I thought, gmome so far isn't all that stable on my clone box,
gnorpm still cores at the drop of a character (typo) someplace for

Using KDE there.  Kinstall is supposed to be able to handle much of
that with multiformat inputs, but midnight commander is the 'swiss army
knife' of rpm's there.  Can that be compiled on 68k?

> But thats
>what the new "task" packages are for, right? So when everybody upgrades to
>potato, install task-professional-c-developer and go ;-)

Is potato about ready, and if so, is there an ISO someplace?  I've got a
burner now.

Cheers, Gene
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