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Re: Debian install instructions

> > I hope not. OTOH, I'd appreciate feedback for the install guides (eh,
> > exceeding a minumum clue level of course). 
> I just got a PM that someone will try this, because his system hangs at the
> base install...

I've seen one such complaint, solution: shut dowm and keep the machine off
for a few secs before doing the base install. Funny but seems to
work. Either way, the base unpack hanging points to a problem with the
kernel or SCSI controller, not Debian per se. 

> I really wonder why people are going to this page and not ask at the
> addresses given in the install guides, because his page is in german?
> because he is selling all those CDs? Oh my...

Egal ... :-) 
> > The unnamed someone perhaps didn't understand the concept of package
> > profiles or task definitions, or got confused by occasional package
> > ordering problems (just rerun the install step, stupid). 
> I dont know what he understood, I think Ive seen his name some time ago in
> the kernel list...
> > Did he really say 'dinstall' ?? dinstall is the thing that installs
> > packages into the FTP archive. Either dbootstrap or dselect I guess.
> dselect probably, in my rage I could not see clearly through the smoke in
> front of my eyes obviously, sorry...

Ok, I need not inquire any further, 

> > Breaking out of dbootstrap is just plain silly, bypassing dselect by using
> > dpkg -i (instead of dpkg -iGROEB or something) isn't OK either (but I can
> > understand the urge of leaving dselect as fast as possible). 
> Yes, dselect is a pain (Ive tested the new gtk(?) based installer once, looks 
> a little better), but dpkg -i x11/* is stupid... maybe you get X working
> then, but there are so many packages that are not needed when makeing X work..

Might work if there are no conflicting packages (like old xbase and new
x<whatever>-common. And sure won't work, say, in devel/. 

> "useless" stuff. Idea: how about putting some dpkg --get-selections
> files on the web? So people can mimick the basic setup of the developers with
> dpkg --set-selections quite easily. But oh, I dont use gnome, kde and the

Good point. I couldn't get dpkg --set-selections to work (with the current
2.2 beta, on powerpc) to save my butt. Not to mention that all profile and
task defs were missing. cat rev_task | dpkg --set-selections;
cat <some_task> | dpkg --set-selections simply never selected any new
packages. I'll have a chat with the boot-floppies chief about that. 


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