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Re: Debian install instructions

On Tue, Nov 30, 1999 at 08:31:22PM +0100, Michael Schmitz wrote:
> > I just found a link in the amiga news with new, updated install instructions
> > for debian 2.1 on m68k (or "amiga"). Does anybody use these instructions?
> > Im a little frightened, he says its best to break dinstall and install every
> > thing in libg, interpreters and some other directories by hand. (dpkg -i *)
> > Is that so? Are people really doing this???
> I hope not. OTOH, I'd appreciate feedback for the install guides (eh,
> exceeding a minumum clue level of course). 
I just got a PM that someone will try this, because his system hangs at the
base install...
I really wonder why people are going to this page and not ask at the
addresses given in the install guides, because his page is in german?
because he is selling all those CDs? Oh my...
> The unnamed someone perhaps didn't understand the concept of package
> profiles or task definitions, or got confused by occasional package
> ordering problems (just rerun the install step, stupid). 
I dont know what he understood, I think Ive seen his name some time ago in
the kernel list...
> Did he really say 'dinstall' ?? dinstall is the thing that installs
> packages into the FTP archive. Either dbootstrap or dselect I guess.
dselect probably, in my rage I could not see clearly through the smoke in
front of my eyes obviously, sorry...
> Breaking out of dbootstrap is just plain silly, bypassing dselect by using
> dpkg -i (instead of dpkg -iGROEB or something) isn't OK either (but I can
> understand the urge of leaving dselect as fast as possible). 
Yes, dselect is a pain (Ive tested the new gtk(?) based installer once, looks 
a little better), but dpkg -i x11/* is stupid... maybe you get X working
then, but there are so many packages that are not needed when makeing X work..
I think the profiles you can select during the first install (ie X workstation)
will install everything need for the given purpose. Yes, it takes a long
time to install it all, but it does not waste too much space on HDD.
I allways propose to use the minimal install to get the system going fast
and then choose with dselect what you really want. You have to wade through
tons of pages, but you will get you dependencies right and dont install
"useless" stuff. Idea: how about putting some dpkg --get-selections
files on the web? So people can mimick the basic setup of the developers with
dpkg --set-selections quite easily. But oh, I dont use gnome, kde and the
like, just good old fvwm, nobody is interested in that anymore...
But thats what the new "task" packages are for, right? So when everybody
upgrades to potato, install task-professional-c-developer and go ;-)

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