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Re: Install on an Atari Falcon

On Mon, Apr 12, 1999 at 06:56:51PM -0700, Michael Schmitz wrote:

> be dumped to. The partitioning tool on the lowmem ramdisk only knows about
> PC 
> partition format, so really partition in advance here.

Hmm...   Oughtn't Linux be flexible enough to use anything :-) .

> I've done the lowmem install (on a 14 MB Falcon) once so I know it works,
> but 
> it's a pain. And it all depends on a FPU emulation kernel that really
> works. 
> Sounds like the typical "I've never done it before but it should work"
> scenario.

> Still enthusiastic about it?

I'll give it a go.  Sounds much more interesting than demoing i386
installs.  :-)

This is happening about 6pm GMT today, though.

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