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Re: Install on an Atari Falcon

On Mon, Apr 12, 1999 at 01:51:45AM +0100, Mark Brown wrote:
> > You'll need a FPU, more than 4 MB RAM, and in case you install to a 
> Is there any obvious way to tell if it has a FPU (I think it's just a
> bog standard Falcon, but I could be wrong)?

A standard Falcon has no FPU. To check if a FPU is present, look at the 
'cookie jar' or start ataboot.ttp which will report CPU and FPU found. 

If you don't have a FPU, you'll need a kernel with FPU emulation. FPU
emulation is still very much in a testing stage, I can build a FPU
emulation kernel but have no way of knowing whether it will work for 
the installation. Please have someone check if there's a FPU on that
Falcon (and if it has more than 4 MB RAM) and tell me if you need 
a special kernel. 
> > SCSI disk, you should run the Falcon in 16 colors only (256 colors 
> > probably results in excessive SCSI hangs and timeouts). 
> How do I go about running it in 16 colours only?

There should be a menu item 'monitor type' in the rightmost menu on the
desktop (four menus should in the menu bar, the fourth might be called
'Extras' or 'Misc'; I've never seen a UK Falcon), the number of colors 
is the top entry in the dialog box that will pop up. 
> > And you will need some driver to access the CD-ROM in TOS, otherwise 
> > the install files on the CD won't be of much use.
> I was planning to bootstrap the install from floppies.  I assume it
> wouldn't be a problem if I did it that way?

No, it should be fine if you boot with just the 'rescue' floppy. You can
still install kernel and modules from the CD. 


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