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Re: Install on an Atari Falcon

Mark Brown wrote:
> There's no FPU, and only 4Mb of RAM, so it looks like a bit of a dead
> loss.  I notice some lowmem images in the archive, but since they're not
> mentioned in the install document I'm guessing that they're a product of
> i386's lowmem install and not applicable to m68k.

No, they're m68k, but you will need to partition the disk first, and
include a 
minix partition (ID 'MNX') where the ramdisk (from the resc1440.bin
floppy) will
be dumped to. The partitioning tool on the lowmem ramdisk only knows about
partition format, so really partition in advance here.

I've done the lowmem install (on a 14 MB Falcon) once so I know it works,
it's a pain. And it all depends on a FPU emulation kernel that really
Sounds like the typical "I've never done it before but it should work"

Still enthusiastic about it?


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