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Re: Install on an Atari Falcon

On Sun, Apr 11, 1999 at 06:56:50PM -0700, Michael Schmitz wrote:

> If you don't have a FPU, you'll need a kernel with FPU emulation. FPU
> emulation is still very much in a testing stage, I can build a FPU
> emulation kernel but have no way of knowing whether it will work for 
> the installation. Please have someone check if there's a FPU on that
> Falcon (and if it has more than 4 MB RAM) and tell me if you need 
> a special kernel. 

There's no FPU, and only 4Mb of RAM, so it looks like a bit of a dead
loss.  I notice some lowmem images in the archive, but since they're not
mentioned in the install document I'm guessing that they're a product of
i386's lowmem install and not applicable to m68k.

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