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Debian/Mac and serial ports

Monday, October 26 1998 23:01, wb2oyc <wb2oyc@bellatlantic.net> wrote to Udo
van den Heuvel:

 >> To confirm your findings you could build a basic version of kermit
 >> (ftp.columbia.edu) and see if the results are the same (I suspect so).
 >> Maybe we could consult the author of the serial port source to see if it
 >> depends on the kind of port (make/model of the Mac)?

 wo> Thats a good point,,,I have not tried this with the ports on other than
 wo> the Q700 and Q650, but I will.  I expect it will act the same way tho'
 wo> because I don't think the ports are initialized at all during boot.

The kernel doesn't do any initilization like on the PC for standard serial
Did you find kermit and try it?

 wo> I don't even think the script that should run, gets called, and I
 wo> don't know why.

I not yet familiar with the debian way of doing things (on the pc I use redhat)
but you could try /etc/rc.d/rc.serial which is called from rc.sysinit (on
redhat, at least).

 wo> It is there, and someone else said its in the right
 wo> place (that file I mentioned in the /etc/rc.boot) SHOULD execute, but
 wo> does not. I know that because the echo lines are not printed at boot
 wo> time. Never.

You could try to just hardcode the lines in a script that _is_ used during boot
just to test things.


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