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SCSI-Based Ethernet?

Monday, October 26 1998 22:08, "Eric L. Tompkins" <etompkins@mindspring.com>
wrote to All:

 ELT> Since my Mac SE/30's PDS slot is filled with a color card and an
 ELT> accelerator, I've been using a Dayna SCSI/Port ethernet/SCSI bridge under
 ELT> Mac OS.  Are there any existing drivers for SCSI-based ethernet?

I am trying to get my Focus SCSI ethernet adapter to work under Linux. I found
there are a few projects going on and there is a netBSD driver for a Cabletron
SCSI ethernet adapter.

So far I heard of these brands:


(all having 1 or more type of SCSI ethernet adapter)

The Cabletron has a (netBSD) driver which could be ported with relatively
little effort. The others have to be investigated (what protocol do they use on
the SCSI bus? I guess similar to the Cabletron adapter but there will (may...)
be differences.
Info about the internals of these adapters is welcome, I think.


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