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Re: Anybody working on xfree 3.3.2??


>> > just a quick check to avoid duplicate efforts: is someone working on
>> > the new xfree package already??
>> I was planning to do so but then decided to build some IMHO more
>> important packages first.
>Just out of curiosity, what do you consider more important? 
> o xbase is currently uninstallable on m68k because someone built an
>   unpatched version (not their fault, maxima mea culpa [but hey,
>   what's new])

Huh ?? Another reason to not fool with 3.3.1 anymore. As a side note, the 
Mac-patched server works on the Falcon (as expected).

> o xfree86 is 3.3.1 on m68k, but 3.3.2 on i386 and source
> o xlib6 no longer exists on m68k (Brian rm'ed it from the archive),
>   making 10+ packages uninstallable without --force-depends

That's a Bad Thing - can't we re-upload it?? At least if nothing can be built
until the release is due ... I hope the binary packages on my disk have
survived what I did to that filesystem. If not, I've got a 3.3.1-1 on the 
Powermac here ...

> o xfree86 3.3.2 contains many security fixes not in 3.3.1, and
>   3.3.2-4 contains even more.

I've got only the -2 diff plus the diff Stefan forwarded from you. 

>If there are packages which need built more urgently than xfree86, I'd
>like to know about them.

I've got the source tarball, and if extracting it doesn't mess up my disk
I could start building over the weekend.

>> So if you want to build xfree just go ahead.
>You might want to consider waiting for the real 3.3.2-4 which is
>slated for Monday and fixes a number of security bugs.

Do you have a pre-patch, or who could send me one?

>> Do you have James' patches?
>Yes, you'll definitely want this patch for 3.3.2-3 (-4 has it),
>otherwise X will be uninstallable on m68k (as it atm).

I've got it. But I'd sure prefer -4 :-)

>BTW: sorry for my absence here, I'm in the presence of trying to
>rescue my (possibly final) year project, and it's chewing way more of
>my time than I would like, especially considering how close we are
>supposed to be to release.  Michael, are there any mac kernel updates?

How close are we to release, anyway?? Please focus on your project, this isn't
near as critical. Keep an open ear on the list (I'd still like to build dpkg 
if I just knew how), I'll try to do the X thing. The boot floppies seem
fairly stable, I'll keep abusing them for Mac kernel stress testing - 
the Atari IDE-CD bug needs to be fixed, does it still hang after installing 
base?? I'll find out, I guess.

There are no incremental kernel updates, I'd have to make a new vanilla
diff again. The only thing worth updating is IDE AFAIK. But I've only recently
got feedback on the Powerbook IDE problem and will have to test if my minimal
solution does work there.

>I *really* will try and merge the patches asap, but I made my job a
>lot harder by upgrading to 2.0.33pl1 as it contains changes to head.S
>which I'm going to have to somehow merge with your changes.. ickness
>(C merging I can manage.. assembly? wah).  If not I'll go with the,
>uh.. 980403 patches I have.

Leave that to me :-) I was going to try 2.0.33pl1 anyway, I just have to reget
the tarball (Jes seems to have messed up and put the -pre3 tarball on sunsite
again). I'll diff 2.0.29 and 2.0.33pl1 head.S and build the changes into the
Mac head.S - or migrate the Mac port to 2.0.33 anyway. 


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