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RE: Afterburner: SCSI is not the problem


apologies for the off topic kernel stuff :-)

>>remove the if (physaddr < 16MEG) to make all RAM noncacheable to sort out cache
>>problems (well, this would also slow down the kernel a lot and solve possible
>>timing problems but it's all we can do now).
>Perhaps I should load the kernel to TT-RAM?

Only after making all RAM non-cacheable (Petr had trouble with IDE when the 
kernel was in FastRAM IIRC). I'd hope that slows it down enough to 

'maintenance mode' prompt:

>>Haven't seen that prompt, ever. Looks like booting single user, how did you 
>>get there? Can't be booting the ramdisk anymore ...
>No was after unpacking the base system. But the configuration failed
>already.... I guess the same problem....

Can anybody else explain how the ramdisk file system ends up asking for a root
password on ctrl-alt-del? I never used that key combination for reboot in the 
install process so I don't know if it is normal ....

>We had a similar problem with atari-fdisk and foreign partition formats - the
>>ramdisk aparently doesn't use the libfdisk code yet. Anyway, atari-fdisk should
>>ignore disks without valid partition table (I thought that had been fixed though
>It asks wether the disk is partitioned or not...
>if I say "no" the install fails completely, if I say "Yes" it works. But I
>have to type it manually...

That's what I had with earlier versions of the ramdisk. 
>>- is the CD-ROM case special? Make sure you have the latest ramdisk).
>It's the latest ramdisk from ftp.debian.org....

The one from March 20 ?? I'll try on a Mac here... After editing /sbin/fdisk
to use atari-fdisk for Mac, and restarting dinstall, it still works OK. So
it appears that the problem is in the libfdisk code. fdisk -l isn't used 
by dinstall anymore, just what I thought. But the libfdisk code should never
prompt for user input - that's why I thought you have some old version.


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