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Re: Anybody working on xfree 3.3.2??


>> just a quick check to avoid duplicate efforts: is someone working on
>> the new xfree package already?? (Is it worth working on, or is m68k
>I had a problem building X. One of the scripts caled by
>"dpkg-buildpackage" after compiling the thing broke, because it wasn't
>executeable. I sure it was 3.3.1-1, so I will check if the problem
>still exists with 3.3.1-2. I will tell you tomorrow.

None of the scripts to build the packages are executable in 3.3.1-1, and 
the postinst doesn't fix permissions for the scripts in /etc/rc*.d causing
xfs and xdm to fail starting up (and terminating the xbase config, apparently).

But I'm asking about 3.3.2 here.


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