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Re: Anybody working on xfree 3.3.2??

"Stefan Gybas" <cab@studbox.uni-stuttgart.de> writes:

> > just a quick check to avoid duplicate efforts: is someone working on
> > the new xfree package already??
> I was planning to do so but then decided to build some IMHO more
> important packages first.

Just out of curiosity, what do you consider more important? 

 o xbase is currently uninstallable on m68k because someone built an
   unpatched version (not their fault, maxima mea culpa [but hey,
   what's new])
 o xfree86 is 3.3.1 on m68k, but 3.3.2 on i386 and source
 o xlib6 no longer exists on m68k (Brian rm'ed it from the archive),
   making 10+ packages uninstallable without --force-depends
 o xfree86 3.3.2 contains many security fixes not in 3.3.1, and
   3.3.2-4 contains even more.

If there are packages which need built more urgently than xfree86, I'd
like to know about them.

> So if you want to build xfree just go ahead.

You might want to consider waiting for the real 3.3.2-4 which is
slated for Monday and fixes a number of security bugs.

> Do you have James' patches?

Yes, you'll definitely want this patch for 3.3.2-3 (-4 has it),
otherwise X will be uninstallable on m68k (as it atm).

BTW: sorry for my absence here, I'm in the presence of trying to
rescue my (possibly final) year project, and it's chewing way more of
my time than I would like, especially considering how close we are
supposed to be to release.  Michael, are there any mac kernel updates?
I *really* will try and merge the patches asap, but I made my job a
lot harder by upgrading to 2.0.33pl1 as it contains changes to head.S
which I'm going to have to somehow merge with your changes.. ickness
(C merging I can manage.. assembly? wah).  If not I'll go with the,
uh.. 980403 patches I have.


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