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Afterburner, TT: There seems to be serious kernel trouble!

Hello everybody.
I think you know me from my Afterburner problems.
Today I discovered something _really_ nasty:
My TT stopped working.
After every login, the login prompt pops up again and I can't start any
shell/programm. The shutdown via cntrl-alt-delete brings up the prompt for
the emergency startup (Press CNTRL-D for normal starup or give root
password for maintenance mode).
I would say, that there is serious trouble with the kernel, what do you
think? I am using 2.0.33.
I think, that the trouble on the Afterburner is the same problem and is NOT
Afterburner related, but happens on other machines (Ataris?), too.
(The machine was about 3 days up, heavily using samba, cucipop, sendmail,
remote login via ethernet and compiling a new kernel for my Afterburner....)
The last message on the screen was about the experimental release of
sendfax and that it couldn't open a file. But that should'nt crash the
I am using 4MB ST-RAM and 4MB TT-RAM, two SCSI drives are connected to the
machine (2x Quantum lps 512MB) and one SCSI cd-rom drive.
A few days ago the machine even simply halted... (perhaps it was the same
problem?) Nothing worked. No cntrl-alt-delete, no cntr/alt-help nothing.
Only reset :-((
Any ideas?
I will shutdown now "the hard way" and look in the messages files....
(Oh my... many, many filesystem errors)
Referring to the logfiles, this is the last entry:
Apr 26 12:35:00 forcix /USR/SBIN/CRON[10319]: (news) CMD
(/usr/lib/news/maint/newswatch 3000 300 100) 

Bye, Thomas


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