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Re: _bug_ in afdisk

"Thomas O. Kruse" <tkruse@webdiscount.net> writes:

> Hi,

> >do swapon and mount from the shell; dinstall should hopefuly detect this.
> Alright that's all I need :-)))
> Thank you!

dinstall probably wont detect your swap, so after adding it tell it to 
use no swap.

After that dinstall should see that there is something mounted on
/target/ and use that for installation. The autosuggestion for the
next action might not work, but ignore that. Also don't give up if
installing doesn't work the first time, the second one might work,
because it rescaned its status.

When I mounted some partition by hand during installation, it came up
with an requester that (magically) the mounted filesystem had changed
and then went on normaly.

May the Source be with you.

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