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Centris 650 and info

	Sorry to bother this email list but I'm been having trouble
digging up info on things.  I think this is as good a place as any to try,
I'd appreciate any suggestions.
	Anyway I have Mac Centris 650 (fpu) I'd like to turn in to unix
machine.  I like the idea of a linux setup but I'm not set on it yet.  I
know that other possbilities are NetBSD and OpenBSD (sorry to bring them
up here).  But I am having trouble finding out what the status of the
different projects are, especially this one.
	What I'd like to do
	Get unix up and running on my Centris 650.  I would like
to have color X running (is this possible)  I have a multiple monitor
setup, internal video and two NuBUS video card (one 24 bit, all Apple).
I'd also like some standards like emacs and maybe apache.  
	Now I'd like to run linux, as, if I understand it correctly I can
run a great deal of the linux software available n other platforms after
recompiling (how far does this go would something like gnome be eventually
possible)  But I have no idea what the status of the linux 68k port is.
	I am a very competent unix user, I want to work on my admin skills
though.  I don't mind some mucking around (this is unix after all) but I
don't want to be too limited either.  If I like the platform I would even
see about helping keep the project going.
	Anyway any comments are appreciated.  I've read stuff of the net
but I still have no clear idea where I should be going, or if I should be
trying at all.  Other recs as to how much HD space to allocate would be
nice (1 gig,more ...)  There are enough docs that once I start on a
platform I think I could install (fingers crossed) I just have no idea
where to start, and trying out several would seem to me to be a bit
						John Grimes


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