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RE: Afterburner: SCSI is not the problem


>I can now prove, that the IDE only kernel from Petr does _not_ work
>relieable... I can' tell the problem, but the symptoms are:
>debian aborts the installation with segmentation fault (as I told: "heavy"
>cpu load) and no more programms can be called.

That puts us back to the 'unspecified Afterburner mystery' square. Ok, 
did you try the patch for ST-RAM cache mode already? If that doesn't help,
remove the if (physaddr < 16MEG) to make all RAM noncacheable to sort out cache
problems (well, this would also slow down the kernel a lot and solve possible 
timing problems but it's all we can do now).

>Shutdown via "cntrl-alt-delete" brings up the prompt for the root password
>("enter root password for maintenance boot or press cntr-d for normal
>bootup") but neither the root-maintenance mode works (the same message
>appears again) nor cntr-d. (When typing an incorrect password it tells me
>about that correctly...)

Haven't seen that prompt, ever. Looks like booting single user, how did you get 
there? Can't be booting the ramdisk anymore ...

>PS: The IDE-cdr problem can be solved by entering "yes" - manually mounting
>does not work because dinstall needs the partitions tables and atari-fdisk
>just waits for the user to enter something...

We had a similar problem with atari-fdisk and foreign partition formats - the
ramdisk aparently doesn't use the libfdisk code yet. Anyway, atari-fdisk should 
ignore disks without valid partition table (I thought that had been fixed though
- is the CD-ROM case special? Make sure you have the latest ramdisk).


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