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Re: [Debconf-team] Results: T-Shirt colors for DebConf15 Heidelberg

Am 24.07.2015 um 09:05 schrieb martin f krafft:
also sprach Daniel Lange <dl.ml1@usrlocal.de> [2015-07-24 08:07 +0200]:
We can print them via transfer printing (basically a separately
printed foil transferred onto the t-shirts) but that will only
last a few cycles in the washing machine and then peel off rather
While generally, this sounds like a no-go at first, maybe it's
exactly the sort of look we're going for with these lion scratch
marks? ;)
Unfortunately it'll go more into a cheap fake Disney shirt look than the cool Indiana Jones look you're hinting at.
Can they be manually peeled off after a few washes and then they're
gone for good, or will there always be residue?
There's residue from the glue.

I was really hoping for a two-layer screen print (mit Unterdruck für die Fachleute[German]) but that doesn't work well enough due to the thinkness of the shoulder seams.
Crappy Ökotex&fair-trade clothes :).

I negotiated a rebate, if we decide against the scars. I'll detail this with the sponsors team.

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