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Results: T-Shirt colors for DebConf15 Heidelberg

Ladies and Gentlemen,

thank you very much for participating in the survey!
A total of 74 individuals have voiced their preferences.

For the "regular attendee" T-Shirts "Navy" won with a clear 34% of all votes before "Black" with 27%.

For "staff" T-Shirts we'll aim for "Burgundy" now (26%) beating the runners up "Khaki" and "Black" with 20% each in this category.

The video team has selected "Azure" in their team meeting last week and the largest group of all participants voted the same: 34% for "Azure". Runners up were "Burgundy" and "Khaki" with 20% each.

62% of you want the scars on the shoulder. So I shall try to make that happen (they are a bit of a challenge for the printers).

One person asked in the comments:
>Is there an idea/meaning behind the scars or is this just a random visual element? I selected "no" because I don't understand what the scars are about. If they have a special meaning, I would maybe select yes (dependent on the meaning).
The answer is: the heraldic sign for Heidelberg includes the city lion (cf. http://www.catstamps.org/design/Heraldic/DE/DE_Heidelberg_CoA.png) and Valessio, our designer, has created the DebConf15 logo incorporating this lion. So we came up with the lion scars as a design element.

Looking forward to seeing you all in Heidelberg!

Kind regards,

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