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Re: Results: T-Shirt colors for DebConf15 Heidelberg

Hey Daniel

On 24/07/2015 08:07, Daniel Lange wrote:
unfortunately the lion scars printed on test t-shirts "bleed out" so
they will not meet our quality requirements.

We can print them via transfer printing (basically a separately printed
foil transferred onto the t-shirts) but that will only last a few cycles
in the washing machine and then peel off rather ugly.
The alternative is to not print the scars at all. The t-shirts look nice
as they are, so I lean a bit towards that option.

Please feel free to chime in.
We need to tell the print shop Monday morning what we'd like to do.

FWIW I voted yes for the scars but didn't have a particularly strong feeling about that, if it affects quality and adds complications I suppose most Debianites who voted yes would be perfectly fine with you leaving it off.


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