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Fwd: PDF with photos "how to get there"

Too big, resending without attachments:

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De: Laura Arjona Reina <larjona@larjona.net>
Enviado: 28 de julio de 2015 02:27:44 GMT+02:00
Para: debconf-team <debconf-team@lists.debconf.org>, debconf15-team@lists.debian.org
Asunto: PDF with photos "how to get there"

Hi everybody
I've put together the photos about how to get to the venue and made a
first document. Attached ODT and PDF, the last versionw will always here:


I think it would be useful to add some phone numbers, so if anybody gets
lost, she can show to a local person so maybe they can phone
somewhere... But I don't know the numbers.
Any other "mandatory" information could be there or instead the phone
numbers, but there's not much space left, I'm afraid.

Maybe put a small map of Heidelberg? A plan of the venue? No idea.

Tuesday evening/night I can put some time on this, but frankly, I'm not
sure what to do. Please send me your ideas/criticism by mail or in the IRC.

Laura Arjona

Laura Arjona

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