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Re: Status on sponsorship brochure

Hi folks,

I adjusted some numbers in the broschure. Please double check that I read
the expected budget needed correctly. Is it the 180.000 something Euro? 

> > Hm, I *can* draft something along these lines, but we really
> > should agree on something.
> I think it's easier to shape existing text towards agreement than to
> agree first and then write something up.

I thought about the sponsorship levels. My idea would be to leave the
original ones more or less the same. I added the job corner idea conny had,
because hiring people might be one of the big sponsorship reasons. 

The additional section is also still there, but I excluded the day trip and
moved it to a third paragraph. The idea behind that is to say something
like: DebConf is not only about talks and stuff, but we have three
traditional happendings which are for social foo... namely C&W, DayTrip,
Conference Dinner. 
If we want to offer these events as sponsorship possibility we need short
catchy descriptions as madduck already said. I have not done these yet,
because advertisement texting is a pain in the ass and I wanted to clarify
first if this is a good idea. 

We need to check if all the stuff listed in the aditional section is still
possible with the venue (like coffee or beverages). 

Just have a look at the git and comment on it :) 
Minor details I think should be double checked are marked with

Do we want a german translation? 

Additional ideas are welcome.


rhalina (Franziska Lichtblau)                  rhalina@old-forest.org

«I refuse to be bound by software I cannot trust and negotiate with.»
                                                    -- Enrico Zini --

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