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Re: Status on sponsorship brochure

Hey folks,

On Tue, Jul 22, 2014 at 10:41:59AM +0200, Richard Hartmann wrote:
> Do you have any work-in-progress you can share or commit? Is there any
> chance of finishing up the brochure soonish, ideally within this week?

I just did some small changes and now I'm reading myself into the
translation system. I think I should be able todo the german translation
monday on the train. Btw. did DC13 have a german translation? I couldn't
find one. 

The most important point is the one I raised before about the sponsorship
levels. Did we already decide on that? 
We have two basic options: 
a) Sticking to the old levels
b) The ideas Conny proposed: Have a look in the
sponsorship-broschure/notes/ directory in the git and comment on it. 

Could someone please point me to the DC13 final report to get the attendee
numbers? I couldn't find it in the DC13 git. 

The other important number is our expected budget we want to put into the

Other small details to fix can be found marked with %TODO in the .tex file
in the git repo.

Thanks to madduck for adding logos! 

rhalina (Franziska Lichtblau)                  rhalina@old-forest.org

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