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Re: Status on sponsorship brochure

Hi Franziska,

during our meeting last night, synchronized the status of all tasks
and even started on a new one (family/child care).

One point that's still open and which we want close as soon as
possible is the sponsorship brochure as most if not all fundraising
hinges on this. With DC14 around the corner, there's nothing else
stopping us from fundraising now.

Looking at `git log --format=short sponsorship-brochure/`, I see no
recent activity:

commit be6ec8d72b4bc3926c8502d328259a183eda0166
Author: martin f. krafft <madduck@madduck.net>

    idea about single-item sponsorship paragraphs

commit 71eed1fad5b28a00766ce6c09b6623088bfacd72
Author: martin f. krafft <madduck@madduck.net>

    daytrip and conf dinner sponsoring

commit 5164085a708294657b77707391b8f3f467d1b2b3
Author: Franziska Lichtblau <rhalina@old-forest.org>

    Added sponsorship-brochure section

Do you have any work-in-progress you can share or commit? Is there any
chance of finishing up the brochure soonish, ideally within this week?


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