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Re: [Debconf-team] Updated budget for DC14

Steve Langasek dijo [Mon, Mar 24, 2014 at 09:20:43PM -0700]:
> First thing's first:  I've published an updated budget draft at
> svn+ssh://svn.debian.org/svn/debconf-data/dc14/accounting/budget.ods, taking
> into account the feedback so far in this thread, and also presenting three
> different configurations of balanced budget: low, medium, high.  I believe
> this most accurately reflects where we are at in the current budget process,
> showing not only how we will spend the money we currently have but also how
> we would spend more money if we had it.

Hi Steve+team,

Thanks a lot for doing this work. I do think this budget is adequate
for asking the DPL for his approval — Not only that, it also states
our basic plan of action. Although I'm not convinced of every detail
of the priorizations (i.e. having the "low" budget with no travel
sponsorship at all, and jumping to 25,000 on this regard for "medium",
staying there at "high"), I did look for ways to tweak it better to my
liking, and didn't find much better ways to put things than what you

Possibly, if we cannot top the "low" level, we should at least shift
10K from the "DebConf newbies" to the bursaries. But I haven't even
discussed it too much with myself to formally propose it ;-)

> (...)
> Feedback from the team on the figures (and on the priorities) is welcome.

I am quite satisfied with the plan this budget sets; I'd love to see
more opinions on this, but I don't expect much controversy over it.

> > I'd base it on DC10 and would suggest a target of 90-100k (and put 100k in
> > the budget)
> Our current committed sponsorship stands at $71k.  We still have a number of
> plausible sponsors that we're trying to land, so while I don't think 100k is
> guaranteed, I think it's a reasonable target.  I've set a slightly higher
> value for the "medium" budget of $110k, but this is obviously flexible and
> we can adjust the expenses side of the budget more precisely later when we
> reach our "drop dead" date for incoming sponsorship.

Right. And asking Debian for ~20-25K is much more sensible IMO.

> And as a result of this approach, every year we end up sending out bursaries
> confirmations later than we should.  Bursaries should be *finalized* no
> later than three months before the start of the conference.  Any later than
> this, and we are losing money (either ours or our attendees') to the
> airlines.
> I have argued for several years that we need to fix this; now when it comes
> time to actually implement such a scheme, in a year when Debian does have
> the liquidity due to surplus from last year's DebConf, I am being undermined
> by other members of the DebConf team arguing that we shouldn't ask Debian
> for money until the very end.  I am not amused by this.

Well, we should hurry to get registration open. And get a timeline
going to allow us to review sponsorship requests in time. I hope we
can (by the bursaries team's deicision time) at least settle on the
"medium" budget. Of course, if we are by then stuck at "low", we will
just have to notify everybody we are not able to fund.

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