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Re: DebConf19 Video Equipment Hire List

Hi Andy

On 09/05/2019 13:51, Andy Simpkins wrote:
> Normally when hiring Radio mics we tend to ask for Shure  or Sennheiser
> by brand - because we are looking for a broadcast quality radio
> microphone system.  furthermore they tend to have a number of
> (different, radio) channels we can select from so that we can pick
> different channels for each mic AND avoid interference.
> In all cases we are looking for 2 Handheld and 2 Headset radio
> microphones (and matching receivers) per room.  so that is a total of 12
> microphones meaning we need at least 12 different channels to choose
> from (assuming no other radio mics or other co-channel equipment on site).
> Finally the receivers for all the radio mics need to have XLR, balanced
> outputs...


> Sorry I don't know what you mean by "Sound Box" can you describe please?

I believe you call "speaker" :-)

"Sound box" is a literal translation for the equipament from portuguese.
"Speaker" is funny because in english it can be the equipament or
someone given a speach.

> Sorry for being out of contact for a while

No problem.

Best regards,

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