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Re: DebConf19 Video Equipment Hire List

More questions :-)

On 07/05/2019 15:59, Kyle Robbertze wrote:

> #H4	RF Headset microphone / Receiver Pair 			6	
> #H5	RF Hand-held microphone / Receiver Pair			6	

Video team has a box with 4 microphones (2 of each), right?
Are you considering 6 of each because you are planning leave 2 of each
for backup?

Venue staff told me they have 2 hand-held microphone, if we need backup too.

> #H11	Sound Mixer

is this for video-conferencia room?

Also, I was looking the miniauditorium ceiling and there is no place
where hanging the audience microphone.
I think in video-conferencia too.

Do we need some equipament solve this?

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