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DebConf19 Video Equipment Hire List

Hi -team,

Here is the list of gear we need to hire, purchase or ship 
(respectively) for DebConf19. It is also attached as a 
LibreOffice spreadsheet for easier reading. Credit to Andy
for drawing it up.

*Kit to hire for DC19*
Item	Description						Qty	Comments
#H1	Omni-Directional Microphone				6	
#H2	Microphone clip (attach to mic stand) for item #1	4	Not needed in main Auditorium
#H3	Heavy duty Camera Tripod – Pan / Tilt head		6	
#H4	RF Headset microphone / Receiver Pair 			6	
#H5	RF Hand-held microphone / Receiver Pair			6	
#H6	Stereo DI box (2x 1/4” TRS socket to 2xXLR male)	3	
#H7	PC for voctomix						3	Needs 3x PCIe slots free, <3 year old i5, 4GB RAM, 200GB HDD, HDMI Video connector
#H8	USB Keyboard for item #7				3	
#H9	USB Mouse for item #7					3	
#H10	17” or larger HDMI display (1920x1080 resolution or better) for use with item #7	3	
#H11	Sound Mixer 						1	Minimum 8x XLR Inputs  / 2 x XLR outputs on main
#H12	1/4" TRS jack to XLR female short adapter cable 	6	Group out to main PA system
#H13	3.5mm TRS jack stereo to 2x1/4” TRS jack mono  =>3m	3	Presenter laptop to DI Box
#H14	SDI (BNC Plug → BNC Socket) cable reel for audience camera => 50m	1	To audience camera
#H15	SDI (BNC Plug → BNC Socket) cable reel for audience camera =>20m	3	To main Camera
#H16	SDI (BNC Plug → BNC Socket) cable reel for audience camera =>10m	2	
#H17	SDI Cable =>3m						6	Camera to SDI Reel
#H18	XLR Microphone cable (Male → Female) => 25m		5	
#H19	XLR Microphone cable (Male → Female) => 20m		4	
#H20	XLR Microphone cable (Male → Female) => 10m		1	
#H21	XLR Microphone cable (Male → Female) => 5m		8	
#H22	XLR Microphone cable (Male → Female) => 2m		12	
#H23	Microphone stand					4	For Ambient Mics

*Kit to buy for DC19*		

Item	Description							Qty	Comments
#B1	Ethernet cable (Cat5e Solid core CCA acceptable) 305m box	1	AS to bring RJ45 plugs	

*Existing DCVT Kit to ship for DC19*
Item	Description					Qty	Comments
#S1	Camera						6	
#S2	Opsis / Turbot / Power Supply			3	Spare?
#S3	HDMI Adapter cable packs			3	
#S4	Power distribution strips 			10	Euro sockets – This can be left out if space constrained (buy power strips and adapters locally in this case)
#S5	Gigabit Packet switch (GS105)			3	
#S6	Black Magic SDI cards				6	Spare?
#S7	Gigabit Ethernet cards				3	Spare?
#S8	HDMI to Cat5 passive splitter / combiner pair	1	

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