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Re: [Debconf-video] FOSDEM video coverage

Fluendo said they will do our streaming, though I haven't gotten final
   confirmation for that yet. If they end up unable to do so, there
   simply won't be any streaming -- since FOSDEM has never done much
streaming in the past, that won't really be a regression (there was an
   experimental stream last year, but I don't think it was advertised
In case Fluendo won´t do the streaming, have you think about configuring your own streaming server (icecast, red5, ...) o using another CDN as giss.tv for example?

For TVSL (International Free Software Forum -- FISL -- video team), we have 4 Icecast2 streaming servers that we could dedicate to FOSDEM, in case you guys need it (3 machines are in brazil and one is located in Los Angeles).

Just let us know, it would be cool to help streaming FOSDEM.
(we can also replicate from giss.tv, which would be smarter given the location of our machines).

p.s. sorry for posting this on the debian video team list, I am not affiliated

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