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[Debconf-video] FOSDEM video coverage

Hi all,

I volunteered to do the video coverage for FOSDEM in Brussels, early
february 2012. I've got mostly everything planned out, except for the
audio stuff -- this mostly being because I'm not very familiar with
audio, and I don't know what to look for. If someone on this list could
help me out a bit there, that'd be great.

Now since I'll be doing five(!) rooms, I won't have the time to do a
very extensive set-up, so what I'm looking for is a fairly basic set-up,
nothing too complex. This is true for most of the setup, BTW -- I'll be
doing one camera in every room rather than 2, for instance, under the
idea 'we can always to more next year'.

Additionally, if there are people on this list who'll be at FOSDEM and
who would be willing to man cameras and/or dvswitch stations for a few
sessions, that'd be great; I'm still a bit short on people ATM.


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