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Re: [Debconf-video] FOSDEM video coverage

On Mon, Dec 26, 2011 at 10:42:39AM +0100, Judit Foglszinger wrote:
> > > Do you need people for setup?
> > 
> > Most likely, yes. There won't be much time to do that, and we have five
> > rooms to cover. I'm trying to do this in as basic a way as possible, but
> > still, it'll be a hell of a lot of work.
> When is setup?

Good question :-)

friday evening and (early) saturday morning.

No, that's not a lot, yes it will be hectic. But it shouldn't be /that/
- The network team will handle our network cabling (so we don't have to
  worry about that). I've sent the person in charge of networking a list
  of what we need last week, and have no doubt that it'll be done well.
- This is a university, which means they already have several things set
  up for us which we don't need to do anymore; e.g., Janson has a fixed
  beamer and (I believe) an audio set-up with mixer; we 'just' need to
  add a twinpact and an audio cable to our camera. I'm expecting similar
  things in the new K auditorium (which is smaller than Janson, but
  still seats 800 people), but still need confirmation for this.
- The smaller rooms that we'll also cover will have the beamer set up by
  the devrooms/talks/lightning talks teams, so we don't need to worry
  about that (we just need to add the twinpact). Most of the rooms also
  already have a PA system, so we don't have to do that either (though
  we might need to worry about microphones and mixers, need to check for
- There will be 'only' one camera per room (we may do more cameras next
  year, but I wanted to take things easy for this first time).
- Fluendo said they will do our streaming, though I haven't gotten final
  confirmation for that yet. If they end up unable to do so, there
  simply won't be any streaming -- since FOSDEM has never done much
  streaming in the past, that won't really be a regression (there was an
  experimental stream last year, but I don't think it was advertised

Basically, we only need to connect the laptops, cameras, twinpacts, and
audio (where appropriate), and of course test everything. So I think it
*should* be doable.

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