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[Debconf-video] video loop with sponsors, file DV - NTSC

Now with only Platinum and Gold Sponsors:
view ogg: http://valessiobrito.info/tmp/loopdc10f.ogg

DV file: http://valessiobrito.info/tmp/loopdc10f.dv.bz2  (need bzip2 -d )

2010/7/3 Michael Schultheiss <schultmc@debconf.org>:
> Clint Adams wrote:
>> On Sat, Jul 03, 2010 at 01:30:22PM -0400, Eric Dantan Rzewnicki wrote:
>> > For those concerned with sponsorship things, please review valessio's
>> > contribution for this year's loop file. imho, it looks quite good.
>> > (probably you just want to checkout the .ogg encoding.)
>> I'm confused; is this the video feed thing we're supposed to do only
>> for gold and platinum?
> Yes, according to http://www.debconf.org/sponsorbrochure.pdf only Gold
> and Platinum sponsors get their logo on all video transmissions.
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